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In January 2014, we sold NUGT, MSTX, CERP, & DGAZ as profitable trades!!  And as of February 11, we sold DGAZ for a profit a 2nd time, adding to our excellent record while continuing to prove our monthly results as valid.

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If you follow the stock picks & simple strategy, you should consistently average 20-50% profits per month (for 800% gains or more per year), & this service will prove it with your first 30 day Free Trial.  Give this service 30 days before payment & you will see evidence of these claims.  If you do not make money within your first 30 days, then simply cancel service before scheduled payment occurs. This service has developed a simple method of trading specific stocks which is easy to follow, & you will see this in your first 30 days.  The profitable results for subscribing clients are real, & this service is willing to prove it to anyone 'Risk Free' with a 30 Day Free Trial before being charged. 

This offer is 'Simple' & 'Risk Free':  You pay nothing your first 30 days & you can easily cancel at anytime before being charged.  Follow the simple strategy offered by this service your first 30 days, & you will make money guaranteed within that time period.  If you are naturally skeptical at first, then use paper (pretend) money & follow along in that manner, & witness the results totally 'Risk Free'. 

***Trade highly volatile ETF & ETN STOCK FUNDS & also trade PENNY STOCKS:

Subpenny-Stockpicks e-mail & consulting service includes a trading strategy that is easy to follow.  The strategy is truly effective in any market because it covers Penny Stocks & also covers swing trades of ETF & ETN stock funds (which are typically 3x long or 3x short based funds).  Service provides timely e-mail Updates, e-mail Alerts, Stock Trading Strategy, Personal consultation for OTC, NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE exchange traded stocks. Trading strategy involves diversification into all classes of speculative Penny stocks from .0001 to 5.00 price ranges, along with specializing in swing trades of ETF & ETN leveraged funds & sometimes including commodity based ETF & ETN 3x funds. This strategy is divided into 2 separate stock sections covering OTC Penny Stocks & separately swing trading ETF/ETN funds. This service also has experience in successfully trading biotech & pharmaceutical stocks in case that is an area of stocks you prefer. 

Clients can choose to follow the "Penny Stocks or follow the "ETF & ETN Funds", or trade both as an overall advised strategy. The client has a variety of options to choose from for trading stocks. This service is tailored to fit the needs of almost anyone:  A person can start with an account as low as $1,000, & a person can also trade with very large accounts because the stocks covered have plenty of liquidity for trade executions. This service now offers a reliable system that combines highly volatile ETF & ETN Funds along with Penny stocks which provides high yielding & consistent trades available to clients. This trading system has evolved into an ability to boast 20-50% average yields each month, which is why a 30 Day Free Trial has become available for new subscribers to be able to participate in these factually capable results before any payment!!




OTC, NYSE, NASDAQ, & AMEX stocks covered:  This service has a strategy in place for successful trades & is prepared for future market issues...  If you are worried about today's risky world markets, then you have come to the right place!!  As a fact, this service has been successful with clients & has guided clients through previous the volatile turmoil which began in 2008, & ever since then this service continues to succeed & prove itself.  With this service, you will see that it is possible to trade well in today's risky environment & you will learn that this service is unique & understands the dynamics of this market.  As a client at this service you will not be given stock promotions, stock pumps, or false gimmicks!!  Instead you will benefit from guidance into real stock trading opportunities for realistic purchase based on short term speculation, & the results are evident as a subscribing client.  THIS SERVICE'S ONLY INTEREST & INTENT IS TO MAKE CLIENTS MONEY & TO KEEP THEIR BUSINESS, & THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP CLIENTS IS TO MAKE THEM SUCCESSFUL OVERALL.

Services Include:  

Current stock picks, Update Alerts, and personal consultation support.  A subscription includes a developed stock trading system which has proved itself even through tough markets of 2008 through markets of present day.  When also combining the available personal trading consultation with this service, the subscription fee proves to be an outstanding deal for the client.

This service is a "Discoverer" of Stocks: 

By not usually chasing pumped momentum stock plays & not advising to buy stocks as their price has already moving up.  This service has a strategy of being a "Shepard not a Sheep":  Researched stock picks are made before they are already "hot" to maximize gains to allow subscribers the benefit of enough time to decide to enter provided stock picks.  Contrarily, competitor services will often 'pump' & recommend stocks that have already moved up.  You will find this service uniquely different for this as well by not recommending momentum stock trading 'pump' traps.

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